“Separation and divorce are among the most trying and stressful events in someone’s life. A family is turned upside-down, finances are damaged, feelings are hardened, and the children are often left out.”

“People seeking legal help for a divorce are in a very vulnerable position,” says Thomas P. Stabile, a Certified Family Law Specialist in Orange. “They often feel angry, depressed and confused. They’re getting advice on what to do from everyone. At this point, you need solid legal advice.”

“Getting good advice isn’t easy if you do not know who or, perhaps more importantly, when to call. It is not uncommon for a husband and wife to come in and talk to me without the other spouse’s knowledge that anything is even wrong. If someone is considering a divorce or separation, it is a good idea to find out where they stand legally in regards to custody, property and finances.”

“When selecting a family law attorney I suggest looking for experience, as well as intangible qualities. It is said that when you talk to an attorney and you do not get a warm feeling about your meeting, you should continue looking around. Ideally a good attorney/client relationship is a team effort, and that is what to look for in an attorney.”

“The attorney you select should be accessible in order to answer your questions, which I believe is an important quality in a family law attorney. In this type of practice, you are dealing with people who are traumatized, and when they have an urgent question, it does not help their confidence when a phone or email is not returned. I try to return all calls and emails within 24 hours, even on weekends. It is a touch that helps people during a very vulnerable time in their lives.”

“After 46 years of practicing family law, and thousands of cases, I feel just as strongly about helping my clients deal with their problems today as I did when I opened my doors back in 1971.”